December 21, 2020

10 Things to Know Before Hiring Your Videographer

10 Things to ask before you hire a videographer for your wedding.

Finding the right wedding videographer can be difficult. Here’s a guide of 10 questions to ask your videographer to help you pick the best team for your day!


10 things you should ask your videographer


1)How long have you been filming weddings?


I’ve been filming weddings for about 10 years. This is an important question to ask to make sure you are hiring someone with expertise in live events.


2) How many cameras do you use?


I use at least 2 cameras (sometimes 3) for all the super important events! (i.e, The Ceremony!) That way I have multiple angles to choose from and don’t miss anything!


3) Who will be filming our wedding?


I do! Right now I am the main shooter but I have associates I can reach out to if you would like to add a second shooter! This is a very crucial question to ask, especially for larger companies because the bigger the company, the more people they may employ. You also want to ask if you can meet the person shooting your wedding if it isn’t the person responding to your inquiry.


4) How do you protect my footage?


Immediately, carefully and multiple times! Once I get home from your event I save your footage on multiple drives in case of a drive failure. I also back it up to Google Drive in case of fire.


5) Do you have backup personnel and equipment?


Yes! I know several videographers that we can reach out to in case of an emergency. I also carry backup audio recorders and cameras in case of malfunction and I always have more batteries and cards than I actually need.


6) How long is the final film?


10-15 Minutes. This is my sweet spot. Every videographer is different. You should always ask how long your final film will be and what else they include in the package.


7) Can I add extra hours?


Of course, you can! You can add them beforehand or on the day of your wedding. I also check with you to see if you want me to stay later. Don’t be afraid to say yes! I want to make sure we film everything you want us to capture!


8) Do you charge travel fees?


I do if it is more than two hours from our office. Because I am located in New Bedford, MA, I can travel most of MA and RI without any traveling fees.  I can quote you on cost, so don’t hesitate to ask, I am super flexible!


9) How do you choose the music you will use?


I have to license the music that I use. That being said, I have several websites that I can license music from. I listen to the music I can license regularly and pick music based on the feel of your day.


10) How many weddings do you film a year?


20 tops. This way I can give each couple the time and attention that they deserve. As a result, it also helps me not rush through your video and gives me the ability to send out a film I am proud of.



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