Hey! I'm Ashlee and I am the owner of Still Water Wedding Films!

"I like to create authentic wedding films that are relaxed and candid"

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how it started:

I was born and raised in Massachusetts but lived most of my life in the little town of Carver. Think King Richard's Faire, Edaville Railroad, and lots and lots of cranberry bogs. Before I became a videographer, I had quite a variety of career ambitions. When I was five, I wanted to be a dentist (who knows, LOL). After that, I wanted to be a veterinarian. That was my career goal until I was 17 (if you're interested in that story, you can ask!) 
I was a 2007 Graduate of Bristol County Agricultural High School, where I majored in Large Animal Sciences. I literally rode horses almost every day, and it was AMAZING! I was the kid who always had my camera in my hand and wasn't just taking pictures. In my sophomore year of high school, I brought my dad's camcorder to school daily and recorded everything we did in "major." Any school project I could I would make a video. I completed a project about Duck Imprinting in my sophomore or junior year by hatching baby ducks, having them imprint on me and recording them following me around like I was their actual mother. By senior year I was constantly getting spoken to about having my camera out. Who would've known this is how it would start!

the "discovery" years:

After graduating High School, I set my sights on becoming a Radio DJ. After taking a year off to save money for college (working full-time at PETCO), I started college at the New England Institute of Technology in Warwick, Rhode Island. I majored in Video Audio Production and fell in love with videography. I graduated in 2010 with my associate's degree and started freelancing with a few companies throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. While freelancing, I went back to school and became a Pharmacy Technician and later a CPhT at CVS. You see, I was being told left and right that "video" wasn't going to get me anywhere and that the only way I would be financially secure would be to have a "real job" (insert eye roll emoji here)

It wasn't until I got a CPhT position at a fertility pharmacy in Waltham (commuting from New Bedford every day was BRUTAL!) that I sat down with my husband, and we had a heart-to-heart about my career goals. I wanted to do something I loved, and I was stuck in the never-ending cycle of just working to pay the bills and burnt out. 
So in August 2017, I put in my notice and started Still Water Wedding Films!

"in the end we only regret the chances we didn't take..."-lewis carroll

now we're here:

It has been quite the ride since then. I've had a lot of ups (and downs), but I have such a rewarding job! I love capturing all the special moments that weddings entail. I love that I can create relaxed, candid, and unique films that show off each couple's love! My favorite part of weddings to capture is parent dances—especially the father-daughter dance. To see the joyful tears in the father's eyes is very special to capture. It's not very often you see men cry, and I'm glad I get to document the most joyful and emotional day in a family's lives.

a little more about me: 

I am married to the love of my life, Nick. We met back in 2006, right before we both turned 17. We were both hired on the same day at Walmart in Wareham. We started dating that November and have been together ever since. We got engaged on our 11th anniversary and married on our 13th, and we have been married for over two years. We just welcomed the cutest little boy into the world in January, His name is Hudson, and I can not remember what life was like before him. I'm an avid animal lover; I have two small dogs, a cockatiel and a hedgehog. When I am not super busy with editing, I try to read because reading is my favorite thing. I'm true crime obsessed. I will fall asleep listening to murder podcasts, but I can't watch horror movies. I firmly believe that everyone, NO MATTER WHAT, has control over their own bodily autonomy, black lives matter, and love is love.

"Ashlee is extremely professional and goes above and beyond to capture every special moment; I can't wait to re-live it all over again"

-kayla + Connor

"Ashlee was so great to work with for the entire process. The video she gave us was absolutely amazing! The quality is outstanding and her 13 minute highlight film perfectly captured all of my favorite elements of the day."

- Catie + TJ

"Ashlee was absolutely wonderful to work with. Any questions I had were answered and she always responded promptly. She is super friendly and I'm so glad we had her there to capture our special day!"

-Jessica + Corey

"Ashlee was able to capture the love, happiness and laughter of our special day."

- Sara + Brandon

"She was able to capture the key moments and any fear that I had after our wedding, or hope of 'I hope she got that' instantly went away!"

Chelsea + Zack

"Where do I even begin! Ashlee was so easy to work with. She was relaxed and focused from the get-go which made me feel so at ease."

Brittany + Stephen

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born: Worcester, Massachusetts
grew up: Carver, Massachusetts
sign: Leo
sport: Dressage
book: The Impossible Girl by Lydia Kang
currently bingeing: Normally its anything True Crime related but recently I've been watching some very strange TLC shows.

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born: Escondido, California
grew up: Wareham, Massachusetts
Career: Automotive Technician
sign: Leo
sport: Soccer
TV: Letterkenny or Big Mouth

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born: New Bedford, Massachusetts
sign: Capricorn
likes: being held, Hey Bear on Youtube, when it's time to eat, Paw Patrol (much to mom's chagrin)
dislikes: nap time, being put down tummy time

Photo by Eisley Images

Photo by Eisley Images