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Tips For Your Officiant- From Your Wedding Pros

Especially If They Have Never Officiated Before.

Here are the top three tips that all wedding professionals agree on

As a filmmaker in the wedding industry, I have been to a few weddings. (Maybe closer to hundreds, but I digress.) I’ve noticed a trend within the last few years of couples asking their closest friend or a family member to officiate their wedding, and I love that! At one point in my planning process, my husband and I considered having my little brother do it! In any case, most of the time, this is the very first time they are doing this, and I would love to share a few tips to help them with the ceremony!


Have them mention that at the beginning of the ceremony BEFORE the bride comes down the aisle. Signs are great, but most guests don’t read them. On the flip side, if you aren’t, consider having the officiant tell guests that they are welcome to take pictures, but please don’t step in the aisle or stick their phone out while the bride is walking down. We would hate to miss the shot because Aunt Betty’s cell phone is blocking your face!


I know this seems a bit silly, but I have seen it a lot. You have finished walking down the aisle, and your friend starts the ceremony but doesn’t tell your guests to sit. So your guests end up standing for the entire ceremony! Not only is it hard for your video and photo team to get shots during the ceremony, but some people will only be able to see the person in front of them, and that’s a bummer.


Alright, it’s time for the kiss! Mention to your officiant to step to the side after they pronounce you. That way, they aren’t awkwardly staring at you while you smooch. You never know that picture could end up hanging in your living room!

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